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ShuntxNitrobolt act 12 :icongnejs:Gnejs 0 0
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ShuntxNitrobolt act. 7 NSFW :icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
ShuntxNitrobolt act. 6- NSFW
She slowly got her optics online. It was a bit blurry at first but after a few blinks she could see clearly. She could feel that she was probably going to have some slight problem if she was going to talk, her vocalizer seemed to be a bit messed up.
"…Slag…" she muttered and started to look around a bit. Knockout, who wasn't far away, quickly turned his helm to look as soon as he heard a voice.
"Aah. You're finally awake~."
She sighed a bit and looked at him.
"Yeah... But I've been feeling better..." She looked at him and sat up in the berth.
"I suggest you not to go out from here now. I need to neutralize those remaining venoms inside you." he pointed down to the berth, telling the femme to stay there. "Care to tell me what happened? And your name?"
"The name's Eveningstar but call me Eve... I was just out for a...Walk when I passed a small group with decepticons and this guy...Was trying to… Something... And they were fighting... I don't remember everything..." S
:icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
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ShuntxNitrobolt act. 5- NSFW :icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
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ShuntxNitrobolt act. 4- NSFW :icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
ShuntxNitrobolt act. 3
Nitro looked at the text that was written on the wall.
Hail Megatron Lord of decepticons Lord of Cybertron
He had just come back when he saw trails of fluids on the ground and the door was open. When he walked in he had found the puddle of old fluids on the floor and the text on the wall.
"What the hell happened here…?" he thought for himself and looked down on the floor. The worst part was that Shunt was not there. He had just been away for just one day and this is what happens? Why?
Nitro looked at the old puddle again and noted some tracks that led out through the door. He also noticed some imprints from Shunt's servos on the door when he apparently got out. He looked at the tracks and tried to make out where they led to. Then he started to follow the tracks that led to Knockout's clinic.
"Did he make it…?" Nitro thought for himself again as he entered the clinic and started to look around. He couldn't see Shunt anywhere.
"Nitro! You are finally back, Shunt's be
:icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
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ShuntxNitrobolt act. 2- NSFW :icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
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ShuntxNitrobolt act. 1- NSFW :icongnejs:Gnejs 1 0
meow meow meow by Gnejs meow meow meow :icongnejs:Gnejs 1 2 want the birds... by Gnejs want the birds... :icongnejs:Gnejs 0 1 closer  look by Gnejs closer look :icongnejs:Gnejs 0 1 sleepyhead by Gnejs sleepyhead :icongnejs:Gnejs 0 2


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I just enjoy writing NSFW fanfics with TF characters and TF OC's /3/

-so if you're in the mood for reading about TF OC's being dramatical little perverted humorus shits, please settle down and realize you're at the right place at the riiight time! :3
Herpu derpy, time for a little update on my page!

I've started up a MechxMech fanfic with Transformers OC's, a mix of both roleplay with the awesome chainedsinner, aand my own NSFW-mind :iconimsrspervplz: if you're interested about it, my Wifu, YukiOni, have submitted some pictures of the characters on her dash :iconcblushplz:

For those of you who's interested in some NSFW Transformers-fanfics, please look it up, you can find me and my fanfics on

Thank you guys :3

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saina-chan Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*runs*Happy (a little late) birthday to you! A tones of good luck and happiness! *huggle* And 100 years of good and prosper life :D!
Gnejs Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2015
EEEEEEE thank you so much!! >3< *hugglehuggle* 8D
saina-chan Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:glomp: <3 *^^* thank youuu!
Gnejs Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
You're most welcome! x3 *huuuuuuuuuuuuuug*
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~<3 :3
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Thoughts-TF Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014

Hejsan sveisan :D

or how ever you say "hi" in Swedish.

I just happen to come by for a search of TF fans and such, and here I am.

I have an friend, who is actually also from Sweden, but she is having an commotion open as I try to help her to find byers- if you would be kind and take a look at her commition :heart:… :heart:

She has an really coon style in realistic, and she draws with promarkers :la:

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xtechnology-1 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ssoooo much for the watch! >//<
Gnejs Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
You're most welcome! Yuki showed me some pics you have done and I just have to say I really really love your OC Skydust, she's so gorgeous and pretty and you draw so good too~ :3
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